Luton Town – Your Cut Out and Keep Guide

On the eve of Stevenage FC’s cup final, The Daily Stevenage brings you the indispensable guide to tomorrow’s visitors, in the form of a “10 things you didn’t know about Luton Town” feature that our inferior competitors would do, like The Mercury.

  1. Luton Town is the only team in the Football League to play in an orange strip. Apart from Blackpool. And maybe someone else. Although Blackpool play in tangerine, which is a similar but fundamentally different citrus fruit altogether. So we stand by our first sentence. 
  2. Due to a long tradition of hat making in the town, the football club is known affectionately as The Hatters. Although hats are no longer made in Luton, they continue to be worn, especially in a Burberry check. 
  3. A famous match in Luton’s history was the win at Maine Road on the last day of the 1982/83 season, saving themselves from the drop whilst consigning Man City to Division 2. The match was memorable for Luton’s manager, David Pleat, scampering across the pitch at the final whistle. Not many people know that he was actually running away from the Greater Manchester Police’s vice squad. 
  4. This is The Hatters’ second season back in League 2 after a five year spell in the English Defence League. 
  5. The catalyst for Luton dropping out of the Football League was the 30 points they were deducted in 2008. To put this into context, if Stevenage had ballsed up their finances at the start of this season, on current form it would not post a positive points tally until 6th March next year. 
  6. Luton’s most famous supporter is also its chairman. Nick Owen – one half of married breakfast TV duo, Anne and Nick – was also the voice of Roland Rat. 
  7. Luton’s main rivals are Watford. Which suggests that the club is not as big as its supporters would have you believe. 
  8. In honour of their late chairman, Eric Morecambe, Luton and Morecambe compete for the Eric Morecambe Trophy. Luton won this for the first time in September 2015. This remains the club’s only silverware in its  130 year history. 
  9. The Football League is presently investigating financial irregularities relating to the procurement of an open-topped bus for the subsequent victory parade. 
  10. The greatest player to ever appear in a Luton strip is Kerry Dixon, who remains the only footballer to get name-checked in an Only Fools and Horses Christmas special. If he wasn’t in prison, he’d probably tell you about it. 
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  1. ronnie h says:

    wankers in a tinpot town chavenage

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