Short-sighted Shezza Spurns Sad Supporters

Teddy Sheringham has strongly  denied accusations that he is deliberately giving Stevenage supporters the cold shoulder. 


Frankie Flange, a 21 year old web site designer, has claimed that Sheringham constantly refuses to acknowledge Boro fans, some of whom may have travelled hundreds of miles to watch piss poor football played in grim northern towns. “At the final whistle at Mansfield,” said Flange, “Teddy just shot off down the tunnel. No applause. No acknowledgement. Nothing.”  


Dick Cheeseman, a 45 year old website creator, is just one fellow supporter that agrees with Flange. “I know that Graham Westley wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea,” said Cheeseman, “but at least he would come over to the fans at the final whistle so that we could call him a cunt.”

Two fat ladies

Peter Toyota-Yaris, a 32 year old website developer, also approached The Daily Stevenage with his story. “I travelled all the way to Plymouth last Saturday and what thanks did I get? Absolutely none. I reckon Teddy was more interested in getting back to his online bingo than coming over to us Boro fans at the end of the game.”


Mr Sheringham was initially only willing to provide a comment to The Daily Stevenage on the proviso that it was about Sir Alex Ferguson and/or David Beckham. However, he has reluctantly provided the following statement:

“I have learnt my trade of football management under some of the greatest football managers ever to manage me. I spent 12 months under the great Brian Clough, and 4 years under Sir Alex Ferguson. During that time I scored a goal in the Champions League Final so I, more than anyone – except perhaps Ole Gunnar Solksjaer – know the importance of fan engagement. At the end of every away game I look towards our supporters but, to be honest, I can’t always see them. I mean, have you ever tried to spot 46 people in a crowd of 9,546 as I tried on Saturday? It was just like a Where’s Wally book. Quite literally in fact. I hope to do better in the future and will ask my back room staff to point me in the right direction from now on. Far from being cold and aloof, I remain that warm individual who once played alongside David Beckham.”

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