The Daily Stevenage says: Enough is Enough


Guest editorial by the late Enoch Powell

For whatever reasons, the board of directors at Stevenage FC has come in for a lot of criticism over the course of the past few months. There is one episode, however, that is often overlooked by the board’s many detractors, that being the release of Bira Dembele from the club at the end of last season. 

The Daily Stevenage applauds the board for taking this stance. Not until other football clubs purge themselves of economic migrants arriving from impoverished third world countries will we once again have a national football team that we can be proud of. Then, and only then, will we be able to sing Rule Brittania without irony or bitterness. 

Not only did Dembele swap the noxious sewerage system of France for the bright lights and adequate infrastructure of Stevenage, he also chose to drive a BMW – a car not only manufactured in a foreign country but one, we understand, to be named after a region of Germany. Or, as Hitler sinisterly referred to it, The Motherland. 

During the general election of 2015, the rise in popularity of UKIP could be put down to this one issue. Time and again we heard reports of perfectly reasonable people arriving at the polling stations demanding change on the basis that their sons could not get a starting place in the centre of Stevenage’s defence. 

The Daily Stevenage says kudos to Stevenage’s board of directors in not only ousting Dembele from the club, but replacing him with not one but two young home-grown talents in the form of Mark Hughes and Jamie McCombe. These individuals are the future of football, being exemplary role models for our impressionable younger generation.

The loony left have used Hughes and McCombe as a cause celebre in an attempt to justify unrestricted migration to our shores. We say this is wrong and morally reprehensible. The Daily Stevenage doesn’t have any cogent reasons for this, but we demand that you listen to what we say and get angry. 

Tomorrow sees Dembele return to The Lamex, this time continuing to suck the life out of our national economy as he plays for Barnet.  The Daily Stevenage calls on supporters young and old to use the example of Bira Dembele to put further pressure on Stevenage FC to cancel the contracts of all foreign players, irrespective of race, sexuality and religion, in a bid to safeguard our economy and to make England proud again. For starters, we call on the board to kick Ben Kennedy – an economic migrant from Northern Ireland – out of the club for good, and to replace him with home-grown talents. Talents that we have allowed to leak from our great reservoir of talents. Talents such as Simon Walton, Marcus Haber and Robin Shroot. 

Then, and only then, will there always be an England. 

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