Match report: Bishop’s Stortford v Stevenage 

It’s the summer. When Terry Jacks sang Seasons in the Sun, he wasn’t singing about watching meaningless football matches played out in non-descript non-league football stadia in leafy middle-class England. He was singing about dipping your toes in a babbling brook and chewing on an ear of wheat, whilst gently caressing your true love’s golden locks. Sadly, the editorial team of The Daily Stevenage are past the age of slipping off their sandals and letting icy cold waters lap at their feet, not least because of ongoing issues with arthritic toes. And when their true loves have bolted for a day on the lash in the sun, there’s nothing else for it other than to go to a car show. Which is what we did. And it was bloody good too. We ate freshly baked pizza, sat under the bough of a mighty oak tree and saw a few Ferraris and Lamborghinis. And if we weren’t driving we’d have availed ourselves of the refreshments in the beer tent. 

At the same time, considerably more footballers than would ordinarily be allowed to play football on a Saturday featured for Stevenage in a win over non-league opposition in a non-descript stadium in a non-entity middle-class English town. Some of these footballers will never get to wear the red and white diagonals of Stevenage FC again. 

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2 Responses to Match report: Bishop’s Stortford v Stevenage 

  1. Rateus says:

    Your job will be much harder if Stevenage are good this season!


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