Club Counts Chaotic Cost of Kit Conversion Chaos

WORLD EXCLUSIVE by our Kit Reporter, Calvin Klein-Pants

Stevenage fans have today, at last, been granted a view at the 2017/18 kits and have come to the conclusion that, despite the attempted, club-driven hype, they’re actually a bit shit.

The general feeling of BoroChat users that the kits are… underwhelming, has been echoed by our extensive research, with 79% of 11 voters suggesting that they’d rather wear the shirt that we had when Mickey Warner played for us. Which says a lot, don’t you think?

We’ve contacted the club for comment about the fan reaction but no response has been forthcoming.

However, it was reported last night that Stevenage Chairman, Phil Wallace, is rumoured to have allegedly been overheard at a recent board meeting apparently saying “So what if the fans don’t like them? Those idiots didn’t want Westley back here and look what happened there. I was right.

“And anyway, what are they worried about? They all look shit on anybody with more than 6% body fat, grown ups shouldn’t wear football shirts anyway and, most importantly, those mugs will buy them whatever they look like.

”If they think this is bad, wait until I change the club badge next season”.

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