Fans Incensed As Fixtures Are Ruined By Incessant Inclusion of Accrington

 Library picture: John Coleman (not in a library), yesterday

Fans of League Two football clubs have today been left exasperated by the EFL’s seemingly endless obsession with including Accrington Stanley in the League Two fixture lists. 

Despite the fact that everyone who has been involved in Lower and Non-League football for more than ten years thinks they’re abhorrent, John Coleman’s side look set to embark upon another season of bucket collecting and claiming they’re being victimised by the authorities.

Rumour has it that Coleman has set his squad a target of being in and around the relegation zone for long enough to get everyone excited, only to turn a corner and end up finishing slightly above mid-table.

Matt Leatham, 35, from Yeovil said “I just don’t understand it, really. Everybody in football hates them, their stupid flags and Ultras and yet every year they’re in these fixtures – every fucking year.”

An EFL spokesman offered this response in the face of fierce criticism: “We understand that the few hundred League Two fans are upset at the prospect of another trip there, but there really is nothing we can do. The bastards just won’t go bust again.”

The Daily Stevenage has attempted to contact Accrington Stanley for a response but the phone line has been disconnected.

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